Guardian 6 Safety Club

Training events and venues are coordinated and hosted by Guardian 6 Safety Club, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.

Marksmanship is a perishable skill and requires practice to keep sharp.  We have decided, as of the 2021 training year, to allow anyone who has attended one of our courses to be a general member of Guardian 6 Safety Club for one year for free so they can get more opportunities to get out and shoot.  To renew your membership, you can simply take another class or contribute $20 for an annual membership.

We know that graduates from our classes have been given a good foundation in shooting fundamentals and firearm safety so we would like to invite you to come out and practice and participate in some friendly competition.

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The Guardian 6 Safety Club was recently approved as a Civilian Marksmanship Program Affiliate shooting club so as a member you qualify to purchase the items offered by the CMP program.  If you need a copy of your membership card please feel free to contact us.

To learn more about what all we have going on and how you can help out, please visit