Our Mission:

We at Guardian 6 believe that when anyone is put in a situation where deadly force is required they will only be able to perform to their lowest level of training. It has been said by many very wise men that the body cannot go where the mind hasn’t been. With handgun ownership on the rise, we found that adequate professional training was not being provided at an equal rate.

Our mission at Guardian 6 is to increase firearms safety and self-defense to our clients as well as enhance the personal safety and awareness to individuals seeking additional training. Safety is our #1 priority. We offer the KS approved Concealed Carry Handgun Licensing courses which meet the requirements to obtain your KS CCH License, which meets the requirements for many other states as well. We also instruct NRA handgun courses, which will give more training for improving your knowledge, skills and attitude for every level of shooter.

Meet the Team:

Clayton Grusing

Clayton served with the U.S. Army for over 20 years, including 5 years of combat service. He also has several years of law enforcement experience. The combination of these previous employments give him a firm understanding of policies and procedures and Kansas statutes.

NRA certified firearm instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer.
Oil & Gas Occupational Safety & Health Professional Graduate.

Kami Grusing

Kami brings an in depth knowledge of medical/trauma related situations and training. Her attention to detail and passion to help others makes her an absolute asset to our training program. She is an NRA certified firearms instructor and range safety officer.



Sierra SwankSierra shooting shotgun

Sierra is an NRA certified firearms assistant instructor.  NRA requires she assist until age 21. She got an inside look at the Kansas Highway Patrol as she attended their Cadet program this summer.