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Local Scanner Broadcast for some of Southwest Kansas.

   Currently Listening

Radio transmissions are being received by a BCD996XT located in Kendall, KS. My purpose for this stream is for weather related information transmitted from Hamilton, Kearny, Stanton and Grant Counties at this time. Provided by Guardian 6 Training Facility.

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This broadcast currently consist of multiple agencies to ensure adequate information is being received in a timely manner.  Alpha tags are being transmitted if you select  WinAmp or Java Web Player you can keep track of who is talking.  I will fine tune this as we go to make sure we have an efficient feed.

This feed is brought to you by Guardian 6 LLC and Pics By Clayton Photography to provide emergency weather information to the public as efficiently as possible.

This feed includes:
Kearny County Emergency Management  155.74500Mhz
Hamilton County Fire 154.14500Mhz
Stanton County Fire 158.83500Mhz
Grant County Fire 460.57500Mhz
Grant County Emergency Management 154.99500Mhz
Kansas Statewide Interoperable Communication System

SW Kansas Interoperability Talkgroups
Highway Patrol – Troop E: Garden City Talkgroups
Finney County Talkgroups
Hamilton County Talkgroups (including Sheriff’s Department)

Haskell County Talkgroups
State of Colorado DTRS
Colorado State Patrol Troop C2 Talkgroups
Prowers County Talkgroups

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